Parish Nurse

Parish Nurse

A parish nurse is committed to Jesus’s healing ministry and the congregation’s holistic health (body, mind and spirit).

  • God has called us to be Christians…”to preach the Gospel and heal the sick.” Luke 9:2
  • Jesus Christ is the Savior of all people and the Redeemer of the totality of each person. Luke 7:9-23
  • Christians are called by Christ to exhibit in word and deed His compassion and care for those in need. Luke 6:36, Matt. 14:14, Mark 1:40-41
  • Stewardship of God’s creation calls Christians to promote a lifestyle that cherishes human life and sustains Christian hope. Matt. 12:11-13, Matt. 6:25-34

Health is the integration of body, mind, spirit ad relationships. Jesus, the Great Physician, gave us the model of holistic wellness. Parish Nurse Ministries are an ideal avenue for faith communities to reclaim and reaffirm their role of being concerned with the whole person. Roles of the parish nurse:

  • Integrator of faith and health   Assist congregation members to understand the connection between body, mind and spirit.
  • Personal health counselor Maintain regular home, hospital and nursing home visits, prayer, 1:1 contact and support.
  • Health educator Teach or facilitate health education and promotion classes (such as nutrition, health screening after 50 years, BP screening, durable power of attorney for health care).
  • Coordination of volunteers   Organize members to help others in need (transportation, meals to new moms and elderly, phone ministry to homebound).
  • Developer of support groups   Facilitate development of support groups such as caregiver support, grief, divorce or spiritually singe women.
  • Referral Agent   Refer members to appropriate health care providers (physicians, hospitals and community services).
  • Health Advocate   Facilitate relationships between people and health care system (connect uninsured to medical care, low cost prescription coverage for the elderly transition from independent living to assisted living etc.)

Current activities of the parish nurse:

  • Blood pressure screenings once a month between services
  • Annual flu shot clinic in the fall
  • Griefshare support group offered twice a year
  • Home, hospital and shut-in visits as needed
  • Health education classes as needed
  • Prolife and chastity information sent to college students in fall with care packages.

For more information please contact the church office at 248-646-5886, or by sending an email to and our Parish Nurse will contact you to discuss your needs.