“You matter to God, and you matter to us.” That’s a phrase you’ll hear quite a bit around Cross of Christ, and it’s 100% true.  We want you to feel at home and welcomed.  There’s nothing worse than visiting somewhere and feeling completely like the only one who doesn’t know what’s happening.  So we’ll do our best to invite you into the Cross of Christ community.  This site is designed to give you a glimpse into the heart of Cross of Christ, but to truly discover who we are and what we’re all about you’ll need to get to know some of our people.

The different opportunities listed below are designed to help you get to know new people, make some friends, take that next step in your faith, and find your place in the Cross of Christ community.  So take that next step and see how you can get connected!

Here are some recommended next steps for you:

  • Visit one of our 2 Sunday services:
  • 8:15AM (a blended service with a mix of contemporary praise music and organ, with some traditional elements)
  • 10:45AM (also a blended service; our Nursery runs during this time)

Something you should know is that we serve communion at all of our services.  Communion is a wonderful experience where Jesus’ amazing grace is highlighted and the blessing of forgiveness is renewed in His believers. (See the front section of the Worship Bulletin for a description of how you can know whether or not to take communion.)  Near the end of the service, the Pastor will conduct the communion ceremony, then the ushers will direct people forward by row to the altar area where they will either walk through in a line or kneel in front of the altar rail and receive communion: first the bread wafer/Jesus’ body and then the wine/Jesus’ blood via a choice of a common silver chalice or individual cups.  We prepare both wine and grape juice in the individual cups and have gluten-free bread available.   Following the pastoral blessing, you can return to your seat.  While this is all happening, our musicians will lead the church in several songs for which the words will appear on the large screens in the front of the church.

  • Talk with Pastor Dan Flynn…he’s the guy in the white robe and colorful scarf (officially called a stole) on Sundays.  The other folks wearing white robes are our Elders (members who help guide the church spiritually) or Acolytes (kid helpers) who assist with the services. Our church tradition is that our spiritual leaders wear white robes to distinguish them from the general attendees and to help keep the focus on the worship taking place (rather than what color shirt the Pastor chose to wear that day).  Questions…see Pastor Dan Sundays or make an appointment during the week by calling the Church Office or filling out our Contact Form.
  • Stop by our Welcome Center to ask a few questions, get some literature on our church or our activities, or meet some people.  OK, most of the people will actually be in our coffee area on Sundays, so make sure you head there also to grab a cup of java and a doughnut or bagel before or between the services.  (Lemonade is available for the kids, but we’ve seen a few drinking the coffee anyway.)
  • Visit our Library at the north end of the building to check out a few great resources.  We have books on almost every subject, plus Christian fiction, kids CDs and DVDs, and parenting information.
  • Visit one of our great events or classes for Kids, Students, or Adults.  Watch the Upcoming Events page for the details.
  • Receive support or assistance through our Care groups.  If you are checking us out because you need some help in this life, we are happy to talk with you to see if our groups can be of assistance or if we can help you find the best resource for you.  We have groups that help people deal with divorce (adults and children), financial problems, addictions, grief, and other life issues.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for help.
  • Find out more about Christianity at our “CrossWays” New Member classes (we don’t force you to become a member in this class, just present you with what we believe and why we believe it).  It’s offered a few times a year.  It’s a great place to learn more about the church and get your questions answered.   Contact us to get your name on the list for the next class.