Middle School Youth (Grades 5-8)

Middle School Youth (Grades 5-8)

Love Lived Out in Middle School Ministry

At Cross of Christ, we get that life in middle school is different–a lot is changing! That’s why we have a fantastic team of youth and adults to help our middle school youth & their families grow & build a solid identity in Christ. we offer 5th-8th graders to join us for fun, Christ-centered activities, service opportunities and community building.  Our Middle School Ministry (MSM) is designed for both students who want to be confirmed members of our church, and students who are still testing the waters. Below you’ll find what’s coming up next, forms for events and Confirmation requirements. You can check out our Confirmation & Ministry Brochure here to get the details:
Confirmation brochure 2017-2018
Need a permission form?
 We’ve got you covered. This one’s good now through September 2018:
CofC Medical Form 17-18

Wednesday Night Schedule 5:45: Dinner, 6:30-7:30: Youth Group

8th Grade ONLY: We will be writing our Class Creed together on April 22! **ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED FOR CONFIRMATION!** Meet in the Loft after late service for this important event–we promise it’ll be fun too! Lunch is provided. Parents, students can be picked up at 4pm.




Confirmation –

Students, contact Pastor John for more info: jsproul@bloomfieldcross.org.



Middle School Ministry Breakdown 2017-2018

Wednesday Night Youth Group 6:30-7:30p

September – April, we have weekly youth group for students 5th-8th grade. Our team of trained adult and high school leaders help middle school students connect their faith to everyday life through games, scripture and conversation. This is when students begin to understand faith as their own, and we walk alongside them to help them develop a life-long relationship with Jesus.

Parents–Don’t have time to make dinner? We have a meal from 5:45-6:30, and child care available for children 4th grade and under from 6 to 7:30p.

Community Events

An easy way to connect, especially if you’re new. Students build positive relationships here in a comfortable atmosphere, and it’s a lot of fun! From summer water balloon fights to the annual Christmas Party and Halloween Costume Party, there’s always something fun coming up!

Mentor Relationships

We connect students to people who will listen to them, care about them and help them grow. Our team of high school students and adult leaders are screened and trained to work with middle schoolers and help them grow. These folks teach, lead small groups and chaperone retreats. The high school leaders also help our 8th graders transition into high school. They give our incoming freshman someone they know and trust who can help make the high school jump go a little more smoothly.


In our Lutheran tradition, Confirmation is when a person makes a statement of faith and becomes an adult in their church family. We’ve written our program for 5th-8th graders. It is a retreat-based, 4 year experience that helps students grow into a deep, meaningful relationship with God. It relies on interactive discussion and active learning rather than rote memorization, and our students love it! Below you’ll find the 3 requirements we ask of our Confirmation students.


campfireWe do 3 retreats a year, 12 retreats total, each covering a different aspect of the Christian faith. In this environment, students engage in fun activities, hands-on learning, and discussion to explore their faith, ask questions and discover what it means to be a part of God’s family. Retreats help students grasp concepts better than classroom learning, and they develop essential relationships with their peers, which helps them see that following Jesus happens in community. Retreats make up the main part of our Confirmation program, and cover God’s Word, His identity, basics of the Lutheran perspective, and serving others. All 12 retreats are required for Confirmation.


Worship JournalsIMG_1583

Worship journals help students connect with God during the worship service. We keep them at the back of the church to make it simple: Pick one up, check out the question, then write your name & your answer on the next blank page. When you’re done, drop the journal back in the basket. If you worship with us in SonLight City (meaning that’s not just where you serve but where you connect with God) you can pick up a journal form there and fill it out instead. Click here for a digital copy of the SLC journal form. Confirmation students are required to do 12 journals/year.


Service Hours and Eventsservelove

Throughout the year, we will have different opportunities to serve the community.  Confirmation students are required to do 40 hours of service per year, some of which they can do by attending servant events and retreats with the youth group. If students choose to do service outside of our church, they count for double the hours! Our events range from making cookies for people on holidays to hosting special community events to care for those in need. We know that Jesus is big on service, and it’s great to be able to live out the service He’s called us to by caring for people around us.


If you have questions, comments or concerns about anything going on in Middle School Ministry, contact Pastor John at jsproul@bloomfieldcross.org, or call the church office at (248) 646-5886.

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