College and Young Adult Ministry

College and Young Adult Ministry

Young Adult Ministry: Coffee Break

It’s back to class, which puts many of our college students and young adults back on campus or back at work, but that doesn’t mean we’ve disappeared.

coffeeThose of us who are still in town get together for coffee, meet up at worship and catch up with each other at our regular events at church.

If you’re looking to connect to what’s happening, want to meet for coffee  or you’ve got an idea you want to get out to our young adults group, let Beth Marshall know and she’ll get you connected, or post it to our facebook page. If you’re not in the group, just send us a request and we’ll get you going.

Need to keep tabs on things? Got some questions?
Check out our College and Young Adult Ministry page on Facebook , call the church office (248) 646-5886, or email Pastor John at

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