Care and Prayer

Care and Prayer

“Hear my prayer, O Lord; listen to my plea! Answer me because you are faithful and righteous.” – The Bible (Psalm 143:1)

We believe wholeheartedly that God hears and answers our prayers. Not only because we have seen this demonstrated in our own lives, but also because the Bible time and time again tells us that our God both hears and answers the prayers of believers. He may not always answer them the way we expect, but He does answer them.

One of the students in our ministry tells the story of how he prayed for his sick and dying grandmother to get better. The next day she passed away. What’s truly amazing is that this young student shared that God did answer his prayer because his grandmother is better…because she believed in Jesus and now is in heaven. Even at a young age he knows that God answers prayers, not always the way we want, but in the best possible way.

  • Prayer Chain: As a church we are committed to prayer. From our Connection Cards on Sunday morning to Small Group Prayer Journals, we want to be a people that take every thank you, concern, question, and issue to our Father in Heaven. At any of our services we invite you to write out any prayer request you may have on our Connection Card. This request will then be sent out to our Prayer Chain ministry who will pray for what you requested throughout the week (you can choose for your prayer to remain anonymous and just our staff will pray for it). If you’d like to receive the Prayer Chain you can also sign up for it on that little Connection Card.
  • Prayer Shawls: We have some members who volunteer their time to create Prayer Shawls, beautiful knitted or crocheted blankets, to remind those in need that God is with them and that there are others still praying for him. Many of these shawls go to those in the hospital or suffering from a long-standing illness. If you’d like to get involved in making these or know someone in need contact the church office.
  • Prayer Journals: In many of our Small Groups we keep Prayer Journals with all the prayer needs of the group recorded in them. Groups often pray for these requests together and privately as they await God’s answer to those prayers.  If you would like to explore a Small Group we highly encourage you to Contact us to see if there is a group that might fit into your schedule.  We also encourage you to consider keeping a Prayer Journal of your own to record your prayers and God’s answers.
  • Personal Prayer: If you’re in need of prayer we’d love to come alongside you and help lift up your requests to God. Contact us and we’ll have an Elder contact you to pray with you.

Stephen Ministry:
We know that life can be tough. And we know that nobody should have to go through it alone. Stephen Ministry is built around Jesus’ command to love one another. Through one-to-one caring relationships Stephen Ministers help individuals who are facing life challenges or difficulties. They are caring friends who listen, understand, accept, and pray for and with people who are working through a crisis or tough time.

  • Do you constantly find yourself down in the dumps and that life is just to much right now?
  • Are you adjusting to a divorce, the loss of a loved one, a serious illness, a new job, or a new move?
  • Is your attitude, your health, or your relationships beginning to suffer?
  • Would you like to have someone who really cares in your life? Someone to just listen and offer good advice?

Having someone to talk to, just knowing that they are listening and have your best interest at heart can make a world of difference. If you find yourself in need of someone to talk with, consider contacting our church and requesting a Stephen Minister. We care about you a great deal, even if we don’t know you, and want to help journey with you towards wholeness.

Grief Share:
If you’ve lost a spouse, child, family member or friend, you’ve probably discovered it’s difficult to find people who understand the deep hurt you feel. Healing from a loss is not easy. Sometimes it is a long, painful process. This 13-week DVD-based class is led by people who understand what you are experiencing and who want to offer you comfort and encouragement during this challenging time.  Contact us to get more information or sign up for the next available class.

Single Moms Group:
For single moms and moms who were single and have married, of any age.  We study various topics, from a Biblical perspective, to help support daily and family activities.  Contact us to get more information or sign up.  Free childcare is provided and no registration is required.

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